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Angela Elliott Wins the Democratic Nomination for State Representative for House District #93

June 22, 2020
The Daily Journal
Emily Ketterer

Two newcomers will face off in the fall general election for a southside state legislator spot.

John Jacob and Angela Elliott won the Republican and Democrat primary races, respectively, for Indiana House District 93. Jacob faced incumbent Dollyne Sherman in a close race, winning narrowly with 51% of the total votes, which weren’t all tallied until Friday due to a delay in counting more than 100,000 mail-in ballots in Marion County. In Johnson County, he received 52% of the votes.

Jacob was moved to tears by the support he received during the election, he said, adding that he originally felt like an underdog in the race against Sherman.

“The support at the doors at the voting sites was just overwhelming,” Jacob said. “I was so touched by some of the things people said to me.”

This loss for Sherman comes after spending just one term in office. She was elected to the District 93 post last year in a Republican caucus to replace David Frizzell, who retired after nearly three decades in office.

In the Democrat race, Elliott faced Andy Miller and Abdul-Aziz Yamobi, earning 66% of the total votes between Johnson and Marion counties, and 78% in Johnson County.

She and her team are grateful to have won the Democratic nomination, but know they still have work to do leading up to the fall, she said Wednesday.

“We’ll take a brief moment to celebrate, but we’re not going to stand still for long because there’s a lot of work still to do to take on the next leg of this race,” Elliott said.

Elliott will now face Jacob in the fall general election.

This was Jacob’s first time running for a public office. He’s lived on the southside of Indianapolis his whole life, and previously worked as an auditor for the Indiana State Board of Accounts before starting a design firm with his wife a few years ago.

Jacob is also involved in Christian ministry with his wife, including marriage mentoring, street evangelism, ministering international students and completing mission trips. He had said his faith compelled him to run for office.

His platforms include ending abortion in Indiana and preventing government overreach, he said.

“I’m not wanting to regulate abortion, I want to end abortion completely, totally in Indiana,” Jacob said. “I think the government overreaches … people’s religious freedoms are being violated. Our second amendment rights are being violated across the nation.”

If elected in the fall, Jacob would also focus on cutting taxes and passing a constitutional carry law in Indiana, which would allow residents to own firearms without government restrictions.

Elliott has lived in Johnson County for 25 years and was the only Democrat candidate from the county running opposed in a primary. Elliott, an independent business consultant, previously worked in information technology at Eli Lilly for more than two decades.

She is one of the 25 Women for 2020, a statewide organization with a mission to get more women involved in the Indiana legislature.

“We need women who are competent and caring and ready to do the job to step up and run for these offices,” Elliott said.

If elected to the Statehouse in the fall, Elliott would focus on the “Four E’s” of her platform: education, employment, environment and equality for all.

She would work to raise teacher salaries and take a look at the bigger policies that have negatively impacted education in Indiana. She also wants to bring more jobs to Indiana and focus on combating environmental and contamination issues across the state.

State lawmakers author and vote on bills that come before the Indiana General Assembly, as well as approve the state’s bi-annual budget. District 93 includes much of Perry Township in Marion County, and a portion of White River Township in Johnson County.

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Three Democrats vie for southside state representative post

April 15, 2020

The Daily Journal
Emily Ketterer
Three Democrats want to take a state legislature seat and represent the southwest side of Indianapolis, as well as some Johnson County residents.
Angela Elliott, Andy Miller and Abdul-Aziz Yamobi are facing each other in the Democratic primary election, competing for the District 93 seat in the Indiana House of Representatives.   ...

Angela Elliott Responds to League of Women Voters

April 20, 2020

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Angela Elliott Responds to Ballotpedia Candidate Connection Survey


Ballotpedia is the digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections. Their goal is to inform people about politics by providing accurate and objective information about politics at all levels of government.
Angela Elliott completed Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey in 2020.  Visit to read Angela's responses and the responses provided by her opponents.

Angela Elliott and Shelli Yoder are Interviewed by 25 Women for 2020

April 9, 2020

25 Women For 2020 Conversation with Candidates Shelli Yoder & Angela Elliott - 4/9/2020


Angela Elliott Receives Gun Sense Candidate Distinction from Moms Demand Action

Angela Elliott Receives Endorsement from
Dan Canon


Angela Elliott Receives Endorsement from Linda Lawson

Angela Elliott Receives Endorsement from
25 Women for 2020


Angela Elliott Joins Democratic Women Calling for Action by IDEM and Indiana AG

For Immediate Release

Date: Thursday, May 8, 2020
Contact: Deborah Chubb,

Democratic State Legislators and Candidates Call on IDEM Commissioner and Attorney
General to Enforce Environmental Protections

INDIANA --- Today, 7 State Legislators along with 20 Candidates seeking office in the Indiana
State Legislature in 2020, members of 25 Women For 2020, called on Indiana Administrators to
stand up for the environment in the face of federal guidance allowing industries to ignore
environmental regulations during the COVID 19 crisis.
In part, the letter asks state leaders to recognize the disparate impact of environmental
“We are particularly concerned about the impacts of enforcement decisions on Black
and Brown communities that have long suffered from heavy pollution burdens along
with heavy sociodemographic burdens that amplify their vulnerability to the impacts of
pollution, resulting in especially high health-related disparities.
These factors also make them especially vulnerable to COVID-19.”
The signers ask IDEM and the Attorney General to consider the health of all Hoosiers in their
enforcement of existing environmental regulations.
The signers include State Legislators Senator Karen Tallian (SD4), Representative Sue Errington
(HD 34), Representative Sheila Klinker (HD 27), Representative Cherrish Pryor (HD 94),
Representative Chris Campbell (HD 26), Representative Pat Boy (HD 9), Representative Tonya
Pfaff (HD 71) and, 20 candidates running for State Legislative seats Cinde Wirth (HD 59),
Maureen Bauer Candidate (HD 6), Angela Elliott (HD 93), Paula Staley (HD 65), Shelli Yoder (SD
40), Cindy Reinert (HD 58), Deb Porter (HD 4), Juli Dominguez (SD 16), Aimee Rivera Cole (HD
37), Amie Neiling (HD 32), Laura Fred-Smith (SD 18), Brandi Vandivier (HD 42), Theresa Bruno
(SD 28), Amanda Qualls (HD 49), Julie Snider (HD 33), Erica Lawrence (HD 72), Tonda Pauley (HD
78), Tabitha Bartley (SD 7), Ashley Klein (HD 39), Tiffany Grant (HD 60) and Deborah Chubb, of
25 Women For 2020
“These Legislators and state legislative candidates are committed to protecting all Hoosiers,
including those most vulnerable to the impacts of environmental pollution. This is what
responsible leadership looks like”, said 25 Women For 2020 representative, Deborah Chubb.
The full text of the letter can be found at



Angela Elliott Receives Endorsement from Kerri Datillo

Angela Elliott Receives Endorsement from
Cindy Reinert


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